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Blockchain for home-cooked meals.

Home Eats introduces the new cryptocurrency 'Eat Token' ("EAT") and the Home Eats platform to bring a blockchain based disruption to the food industry, food loving customers, cooks, and society at large. Home Eats thus aims to extend the Uber, eBay and AirBnB models into homemade food.

Ever known a relative or friend who is an excellent cook and should sell food? From the comfort of their homes, registered people can partner as "cooks" through Home Eats, sell their homemade food to the public using the Home Eats app, and be able to receive income for the food.

On the other side, people who don't have the time or skills to cook, or want a specific cuisine or healthier food, can still eat homemade food by ordering through the Home Eats app.

Home Eats aims to work with the relevant authorities and experts to ensure compliance with relevant food hygiene, health and safety regulations.

With the UK's restaurant and mobile food services turnover estimated to be more than (GBP)34.7 billion in 2017 and the global consumer foodservice market expected to grow to (GBP)2.4 trillion by 2021, Home Eats plans to capture parts of these markets, as described in its whitepaper.

If you want to contact us, please email the following email address:

We plan that Eat Tokens within the Home Eats platform will provide various advantages and utilities. These are given as follows:

Through Eat Tokens, the holder will have the ability to purchase food through the Home Eats app. We envisage, in the long term, that Home Eats will be present in various countries around the world so the ability of a customer to go abroad, order from a cook of Home Eats in the foreign country using the Home Eats app, and not having to worry about changing one fiat currency to another fiat currency are major benefits that ideally save customers costs.
Those registered users who do not have Eat Tokens will be able to acquire Eat Tokens using another company or provider and then use the Eat Tokens on the Home Eats app.

Exclusive reporting and analytics (cook analytics)
Whilst basic reporting will be free for cooks in the Home Eats app, more advanced reporting and analytics about food will be purchasable by paying Eats Tokens through the Home Eats app. This allows the cook to know customer preferences better, what the trends are, and to determine things that can be improved, thereby enabling improved revenue and orders for the cooks.

If a customer really enjoys the food of a specific cook, the customer can ask the cook the teach the customer for a fee, payable in Eat Tokens through the Home Eats app. This can help the customer to learn new cuisines and is a positive step towards home cooking, whilst the cook can earn extra income.

Advertising and promotions
Cooks will be able to have their name appear at the top of specific searches or in higher slots by paying Eat Tokens through the Home Eats app. To be eligible for this, the cook needs to meet certain additional criteria, such as for ratings. This enables the cook to benefit through increased exposure and awareness in front of customers.

Polls and surveys
Cooks or companies will be able to organise surveys or polls through the Home Eats app and participants can be rewarded through Eat Tokens through the Home Eats app. This encourages people to participate, ideally leading to an increased sample size and more reliable results.

Recipes will be available through the Home Eats app and registered users will be able to use their Eat Tokens to purchase these recipes through the Home Eats app. This can help the purchaser to learn new cuisines and is a positive step towards home cooking.

There are various reasons for Home Eats deciding to create its own cryptocurrency Eat Token, instead of using fiat in the Home Eats platform.

International usage
Where the customer is abroad in a country where Home Eats is present, it allows the customer to pay for food using Eat Token through the Home Eats app. This can save the customer fiat exchange costs and provide convenience.
It also allows a cook receiving Eat Token in the domestic country to then use the same Eat Token when travelling abroad in a country where Home Eats is present and to buy food there through the Home Eats app.

It creates an incentive for participants within the ecosystem to continue to use the app, spend the remaining Eat tokens within it, and to support the development and functioning of the Home Eats ecosystem.

Supporting the blockchain industry
For the cryptocurrency and blockchain world to gain mass adoption, it needs a good business case with regular usage in real life. That is what Eat Token is aiming for. In a way, it can be said that Home Eats wants to promote blockchain technology and its adoption through the Eat Token, an Ethereum based token.

For the mission of Home Eats to be effective, it is important to create a strong brand and profile. Through Home Eats having its own cryptocurrency, the profile and branding of Home Eats can be enhanced compared to using fiat. Each time someone transacts in Eat Token, the transacting person can associate it to the Home Eats brand and the brand awareness can help Home Eats to grow.

Development of the Home Eats platform
Selling Eat Token during the pre-sale and ICO allows participants to contribute towards the development of the Home Eats platform.

Benefits for Customers

Increased variety
Home Eats plans to cater for a wider variety of dietary requirements, tastes and cuisines across a wider area by allowing cooks to prepare food from home and sell their food.

Reduced costs
We expect that due to cooks through Home Eats having lower costs than restaurants, the costs of ordering can be reduced.

Healthier food
Homemade food can be more nutritious and healthy than takeaways. Where cooks have more time to prepare the food, it can also be more healthier and better quality as the food isn’t just a “number” to try to meet all the demand of customers who entered the restaurant or takeaway. The health benefits can further be the case if cooks that grow organic materials use them in their cooking.

Eat Tokens
The ability to pay using Eat Tokens through the Home Eats app whilst abroad allows customers to avoid converting local fiat currency to foreign fiat currency in such cases, thereby possibly saving them exchange rate fees and conversion losses.

Convenience for mothers
Where a cook makes lunches for school children through Home Eats, time constrained mothers don’t need to prepare the lunches and can worry less about kids eating unhealthily through canteen food.

Benefits for Cooks

Simpler set up
Cooks can set up their food business from home through Home Eats more easily than setting up a restaurant. This allows the cooks to have extra income when they need it.

Quicker set up
We expect that because cooks do not have to acquire new premises or hire new staff, cooks can set up their food business from home through Home Eats more quickly than setting up a restaurant. This gives cooks greater flexibility to meet their short term needs.

Reduced costs
Cooks can have less costs in setting up through Home Eats than opening a restaurant or a takeaway.

By selling through Home Eats, cooks can earn income that they did not have before.

Greater flexibility
Having a home business through Home Eats can allow the cooks to work the hours that they want and to accept the orders that they want, giving them potentially significantly more flexibility than working in a full-time job in a restaurant.

Benefits for Society

Promoting integration
People within the local community can interact and integrate with each other more. For example, neighbours can meet each other as they go out to eat each other’s food.

Increased wealth distribution
Wealth can be distributed to those in need within the community because they can earn income using their skills instead of being unemployed. Furthermore, it can support the local community by encouraging wealth to stay within the community and to develop it.

Our Amazing Team

Meet the people who made it possible.
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Aslan Uddin (CA and Counter Fraud)


Aslan is a chartered accountant (CA), former auditor and experienced cryptocurrency investor with over 7 years experience. He's worked for the “Big 4” of the audit world and with BDO, Worldpay, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse, gaining experience in the financial and non-financial sectors.

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Dr Misbah Mirza (PhD)


Dr Misbah is a former dean and professor of computer science with over 30 years experience in academia and industry. He has worked for leading organisations such as the Home Office (UK), Free Mantle Media and MNG.

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Saif Beg (BSc)


Saif is an entrepreneur and computer scientist with over 25 years experience, including working for IBM and running e-commerce businesses, marketing and designing professional websites.

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Zainab Kidwai (BSc)

Blockchain dev and UX/UI Designer

Zainab is a skilled and qualified computer scientist who graduated with a 1st from the famous University of Kings College London. She designed and created various apps and projects as part of her degree, with a focus on applied logic and computational algorithms.

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Asim Ali (BSc)

Software Developer

Asim is an experienced computer science graduate from University College London (UCL). He has worked on various internal and external projects, with a particular interest towards machine learning.


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Saif Quader (ACA)

Technical accounting advisor

Saif is a chartered accountant (ACA), former auditor from EY, a technical accounting specialist and experienced cryptocurrency investor who graduated from the leading London School of Economics. He has over 8 years experience, including working currently at Amazon.

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Sjaad Hussain

Blockchain specialist

Sjaad is an experienced techie, entrepreneur, instructor and cryptocurrency investor who first became aware of bitcoin in 2010. He has advised and educated many people on blockchain over the past year.

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Imran Khan (CA)

Internal controls advisor

Imran is a chartered accountant (CA) and former auditor specialising in financial services from PwC. He currently works for JP Morgan. He graduated from the leading London School of Economics and has over 8 years experience.

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Nur Syamimi Zulkifly (ACA)

Audit advisor

Nur is a chartered accountant (ACA) and auditor from PwC and Citi with a strong background in financial services. She graduated from the leading Warwick Business School and has over 5 years experience.

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Faizan Joya (MSc)

Marketing advisor

Faizan is a qualified computer scientist with a Masters in Computer Science. He formed the start-ups division of King’s College London Business Club (KCLBC) with dedicated team connect over 4500 entrepreneurs. He received the Alan Turing Centenary Prize and Credit Suisse Prize for Best Software Engineering Group.

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Abdel Blidi (BSc)

Commercial advisor

Abdel is an experienced director, financial trader, analyst and cryptocurrency investor who graduated from the prestigious Warwick Business School. He has over 6 years experience, including at Citi, Bank of America and Saudi Aerospace Company.

Token Sale

Introducing the EAT token.

The total supply will be 500 million ERC20 tokens called ‘Eat Tokens’ and will be issued by Home Eats. The purpose of the ICO and pre-sale of Eat Tokens is to give people the ability to purchase Eat tokens early to use in the Home Eats platform, to contribute towards Home Eats and to support the development of Home Eats.

The ICO and pre-sale is a crowd sale of Eat Tokens with a hard cap of $25 million equivalent of Ethereum’s Ether tokens (ETH). The maximum number of Eat tokens that will be available for purchase in the ICO and pre-sale (combined) will be 170 million. Thus, ICO and pre-sale participants have the ability to obtain EAT by exchanging ETH during the ICO and pre-sale periods.

Any unsold Eat Tokens from pool category one will be distributed towards category three and/or as bonuses to those ICO and pre-sale participants who are eligible for a bonus. If the amount of Eat Tokens in category one is not sufficient to fulfil the bonuses that eligible ICO and pre-sale participants are due, then category three will be used to fill the surplus.

The ICO and pre-sale prices will be announced closer to the date and will have different rates of bonuses during different time frames whilst the ICO is run. The bonus rates will reduce after each week of the ICO. Pre-sale participants will have an additional bonus to the ICO bonus rate.

Participants of the ICO or pre-sale will provide details for KYC and anti-money laundering checks. Those whitelisted by Home Eats will have the ability to obtain EAT by exchanging ETH during the ICO and pre-sale periods.

Our pre-sales registration is now live. US residents and nationals cannot participate. Please complete the following form to register:

First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth [DD/MM/YYYY]:
Country of Residence:
Address of Residence:
ETH address:
Minimum $ amount you plan to send:
Tick if you are the only beneficial owner of this transaction:
Tick if you or a close family member is a politically exposed person (PEP):
Upload a clear photo of your own person (Max 2MB):
Upload the front of an official photo ID (passport, drivers licence or national ID card.) of your identity. (Max 2MB):
Upload the back of an official photo ID (passport, drivers licence or national ID card.) of your identity. (Max 2MB):
Upload a selfie of yourself holding the photo ID attached above (Max 2MB):
ID number/reference for photo ID attached above:
Upload a proof of address from the last three months (Bank statement, mortgage statement, utility bill, or official government correspondence.):


Want more? Have a look at our Whitepaper.


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The Home Eats journey.
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    Apr 2018

    Concept development & research

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    May 2018

    Company formation

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    July 2018

    Pre-sale registration

  • Thumbnail Image

    Sep 2019

    1st prototype

  • Thumbnail Image

    Feb 2019

    Pre-sale launch, ICO registration

  • Thumbnail Image

    Mar 2019

    ICO launch

  • Thumbnail Image

    Q2 2019

    Alpha v.01 of Home Eats app

  • Thumbnail Image

    Q3 2019


  • Thumbnail Image

    Q4 2019

    Alpha v.02 of Home Eats app

  • Thumbnail Image

    Q1 2020

    Beta of Home Eats app

  • Thumbnail Image

    Q2 2020

    UK pilot launch

  • Thumbnail Image

    Q3 2020

    UK phased roll out

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    Q4 2020

    Polling features

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    Q2 2021

    Analytic features

  • Thumbnail Image

    Q3 2021

    EU country pilot

  • Thumbnail Image

    Q4 2021

    EU country phased roll out


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